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allnurses.com Launches Expanded Nurse Innovators Hub


allnurses.com, the largest online community and peer-to peer networking site for nurses and nursing students, announces the launch of its Nurse Innovators Hub. For twenty years, allnurses.com has been the collective voice of the nursing community, supporting the profession by providing a place where nurses can network, share, and learn from each other and now offers nurse bloggers and innovators a forum to network, share and contribute ideas and advice.

“The Nurse Innovators Hub is one of the most important additions to allnurses.com in its long history” said Mary Watts, Community Manager of allnurses.com. “Reaching out to the nursing community and offering a place where bloggers, podcasters, entrepreneurs and other nurse innovators can come and network with others, sharing their knowledge on the stage that we know as allnurses, is an important step in continuing to foster relationships and make the nursing community stronger and more vibrant.”

With a wealth of tips and how-to articles and discussions posted by expert bloggers and other innovators, the Nurse Innovators Hub aims to empower nurses by giving seasoned innovators a greater voice as well as provide encouragement and mentoring opportunities for those who are seeking to find their voices as bloggers, writers, authors, entrepreneurs and more. In addition, allnurses hopes to offer webinars and podcasts as our innovators expand their horizons.

Totaling nearly 6,000,000 visitors per month, allnurses can amplify the reach of veteran and new innovators alike. “We’ve already created a library of content to help new innovators discover their voice and develop their persona” Mary explained. “This is all about further empowering nurses not only within their chosen professional paths but encouraging them to turn their knowledge and experience from their careers into the written word to share and help others.”

About allnurses

Founded in 1996, allnurses.com is the leading networking site for nurses and nursing students. With an ever-growing community of more than 960,000 registered members, allnurses is the go-to place to communicate and discuss nursing, jobs, schools, NCLEX, careers, and so much more.

The allnurses.com network includes additional resources such as the Nursing Insights e-newsletter, Facebook pages for allnurses.com and Nurses Rock, and a robust Jobs website where users can create job alerts and upload their resume to speed their job search. These allow followers to engage in conversation about serious nursing topics as well as more fun, lighthearted subjects. allnurses in continually enhancing the site for an improved mobile experience for its users which allows nurses to stay connected and find immediate answers and information they need while on-the-go.

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