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allnurses.com Launches All New Nursing Jobs Website


allnurses.com, the leading source of nursing news, information, and discussion for nurses and nursing students, is pleased to announce the launch of its new nursing jobs website at allnurses.com/jobs. Built from the ground up, the completely new jobs platform features a more refined list of nursing specialties, powerful search and a simple and familiar user experience.

Why Allnurses.com Jobs?

In striving to connect nursing and healthcare providers, geographically targeted delivery of jobs alongside a jobseeker center, staffing agencies and recruiters. The vast number of nursing professionals who are active or passive job seekers makes the all-new allnurses Jobs the leader in the nurse recruitment sector.

With more competitive pricing than ever before, allnurses Jobs is an integral part of your nurse staffing efforts.

New features include the following geared toward employers, recruiters and staffing agencies:

  • Over 15% decrease in the price of the most popular posting option
  • More mobile-friendly display
  • Streamlined navigation for recruiters when posting jobs
  • Geo-targeted display alongside popular topics and articles

Additional Opportunities

To further increase the impact of job postings, allnurses jobs can reach job seekers like no other employment website. With options such as social media marketing, geo-targeted and specialty targeted banner ads, targeted eblasts and more; jobs on allnurses jobs get seen by a larger audience while spending less money.

About allnurses.com

Launched nearly twenty years ago, allnurses.com is the largest social network of nurses in the world. With over 970,000 members and 5 million monthly visitors, the topics discussed on allnurses.com generate lively discussions and often garner the attention of the national media. With such massive reach, the recent relaunch of allnurses jobs was done to serve both employers and job seekers alike. Providing a more feature-rich environment with more jobs than ever before, allnurses jobs aims to connect employers and job seekers across multiple mediums to take job searches to a new level.

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