Have you considered a contest sponsorship on allnurses.com?

A new year brings new marketing challenges. With diminishing returns being seen by traditional banner ads, social media’s ever-decreasing reach and email open rates stagnating; sponsoring a contest on allnurses.com may very well provide the results you are seeking.

With a proven track record of excellent results, superior branding exposure and low cost; a high return on investment is automatic. 

Using a wide variety of tactics across a suite of digital products, a contest sponsorship with allnurses.com is tailor-made for product awareness among the millions of nurses who visit our website.

Download the whitepaper now for full details and how you can become a part of one of the fastest-growing segments of allnurses.com.

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Have you tried our newest ad sizes?

With recent search engine algorithm changes, mobile is now equally as important as desktop. That applies not only for searches but also in the world of advertising. allnurses is at the forefront of the latest advertising trends and in the past few days we have implemented a number of additional ad sizes which pair excellently with the sizes you have become accustomed to in the past few years.

While we have made no changes in Skyscraper / Half Page sizes which remain at 160×600 pixels and 300×600 pixels respectively, the remaining ad positions have an additional size now available.

We can serve Medium Rectangle creatives in both 300×250 pixel size and the larger 336×280 pixel size. While the additional space may seem minimal at first glance, the larger size amounts to a whopping 25% increase in space.

The traditional leaderboard size of 728×90 pixels is now available as a 970×90 pixel size as well. This additional size option gives you, the advertiser, a whopping 33% more space for a more impactful image.

Not to be left out, the Mobile Leaderboard is now available as either a 320×50 pixel size or the new, larger 300×100 pixel size. In case you were wondering, that is a massive 87% size increase!

To be clear, though, we haven’t eliminated the sizes you’ve become accustomed to. The traditional sizes are still available but we have simply made these additional sizes available. We encourage you to work with both the new and traditional sizes. Do some A/B testing between dimensions and see what performs best for your message. As always, allnurses encourages multiple creatives for each ad size.

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Using social media to reach a wider audience

Savvy marketers know the importance of using a variety of channels to reach the greatest audience. Reaching the correct audience through social media, though, is often times as elusive as a unicorn. allnurses.com, though, has a Facebook audience totaling over 1.1 million users across our two pages.

That large and highly-engaged audience is part of what attracted Brookline College to begin an advertising relationship with allnurses.com. With the pairing of a well-crafted text message and a made-to-be-shared image, Brookline College achieved success with allnurses.com. With a total reach of over 1/3 of the total allnurses.com Facebook audience which generated over 6,000 likes, Brookline College’s return on investment was large enough to bring the organization back again to continue with a series of Facebook posts with allnurses.com.

View the complete Brookline College social media case study here.allnurses.com social media marketing

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Is your landing page optimized?

An integral part of any successful advertising campaign is a landing page. Having a landing page custom tailored for your advertising campaign insures that your potential customers are receiving relevant content and not being dumped into a maze of irrelevant content and links and left to fend for themselves.

But don’t stop with simply giving your customers relevant content. Remember that the majority of traffic at allnurses.com comes from users accessing our site on either smart phones or tablet devices. When they click on your ad and arrive at a page designed solely for desktop users, their expectation of a relatively seamless experience is interrupted. Serving a desktop optimized page to mobile users will lead to lower-than-expected conversion rates and a high bounce rate. That one-time experience can have a detrimental effect going forward.

A seemingly negative user experience such as a mobile user being served a desktop-optimized page can have far-reaching effects. In a world of instant gratification, a poor user experience like the one used in this scenario can quickly narrow your pool of potential customers.

Be sure to have all elements related to your advertising campaign optimized not only for content but for device compatibility as well.

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Mobile becoming increasingly important

Mobile is continuing its march toward being the dominant venue for consuming information and allnurses.com is no different. Over half of the traffic at allnurses.com comes from a combination of tablets and mobile phones. What does that mean for advertisers?

allnurses.com is built to be fully responsive. That means that the viewing experience is optimized for all devices, regardless of size or format. The responsive nature of allnurses.com also means that your use of creatives in your advertising is more important than ever before. For instance, many times people think website and assume that to be desktop only meaning that they rely only on the three IAB standard sizes (leaderboard, medium rectangle and half-page). The one creative size that unfortunately gets overlooked is the mobile leaderboard. Mistakenly perceived as having a small impact due to its small size of 320 pixels x 50 pixels, it is often time the best performing creative size in an advertising campaign.

The mobile leaderboard is shown at the top of each allnurses.com page served to mobile phones and is by no means small. Leaving this integral piece of the advertising puzzle out of your ad campaign is the same as not talking to a large portion of potential customers. Think about it for a moment: if you worked in retail and ignored every fourth person who passed through the doors, would they recommend your business to their friends? Probably not.

The short version of this lesson is that you can’t overlook mobile users as they are the new majority. Don’t let these potential customers slip through the cracks.

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Exergen Case Study

Exergen is the leading manufacturer of temporal artery thermometers used in healthcare settings globally and, through a partnership with allnurses.com, sought to gain a deeper understanding of nurses’ opinions about its product.

Exergen received valuable feedback from the members of allnurses.com which became the foundation for a nurse education campaign.

Through the use of a short survey distributed through its e-newsletter and Facebook pages, Exergen was able to gather the insights of hundreds of nurses which shaped Exergen’s marketing communications for this important audience.

View the complete Exergen Case Study here

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