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Is your landing page optimized?


An integral part of any successful advertising campaign is a landing page. Having a landing page custom tailored for your advertising campaign insures that your potential customers are receiving relevant content and not being dumped into a maze of irrelevant content and links and left to fend for themselves.

But don’t stop with simply giving your customers relevant content. Remember that the majority of traffic at allnurses.com comes from users accessing our site on either smart phones or tablet devices. When they click on your ad and arrive at a page designed solely for desktop users, their expectation of a relatively seamless experience is interrupted. Serving a desktop optimized page to mobile users will lead to lower-than-expected conversion rates and a high bounce rate. That one-time experience can have a detrimental effect going forward.

A seemingly negative user experience such as a mobile user being served a desktop-optimized page can have far-reaching effects. In a world of instant gratification, a poor user experience like the one used in this scenario can quickly narrow your pool of potential customers.

Be sure to have all elements related to your advertising campaign optimized not only for content but for device compatibility as well.

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