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Mobile becoming increasingly important


Mobile is continuing its march toward being the dominant venue for consuming information and allnurses.com is no different. Over half of the traffic at allnurses.com comes from a combination of tablets and mobile phones. What does that mean for advertisers?

allnurses.com is built to be fully responsive. That means that the viewing experience is optimized for all devices, regardless of size or format. The responsive nature of allnurses.com also means that your use of creatives in your advertising is more important than ever before. For instance, many times people think website and assume that to be desktop only meaning that they rely only on the three IAB standard sizes (leaderboard, medium rectangle and half-page). The one creative size that unfortunately gets overlooked is the mobile leaderboard. Mistakenly perceived as having a small impact due to its small size of 320 pixels x 50 pixels, it is often time the best performing creative size in an advertising campaign.

The mobile leaderboard is shown at the top of each allnurses.com page served to mobile phones and is by no means small. Leaving this integral piece of the advertising puzzle out of your ad campaign is the same as not talking to a large portion of potential customers. Think about it for a moment: if you worked in retail and ignored every fourth person who passed through the doors, would they recommend your business to their friends? Probably not.

The short version of this lesson is that you can’t overlook mobile users as they are the new majority. Don’t let these potential customers slip through the cracks.

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