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Using social media to reach a wider audience


Savvy marketers know the importance of using a variety of channels to reach the greatest audience. Reaching the correct audience through social media, though, is often times as elusive as a unicorn. allnurses.com, though, has a Facebook audience totaling over 1.1 million users across our two pages.

That large and highly-engaged audience is part of what attracted Brookline College to begin an advertising relationship with allnurses.com. With the pairing of a well-crafted text message and a made-to-be-shared image, Brookline College achieved success with allnurses.com. With a total reach of over 1/3 of the total allnurses.com Facebook audience which generated over 6,000 likes, Brookline College’s return on investment was large enough to bring the organization back again to continue with a series of Facebook posts with allnurses.com.

View the complete Brookline College social media case study here.allnurses.com social media marketing

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